Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

I just wanted to give you a little insight into what I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks.
Hurricane Matthew decided to hit our area and leave its mark.

It all started last Saturday October 8th. It started raining and just never let up. Then at around 6:00 pm Hurricane Matthew made it to Kinston, NC, I shot his video when it hit. We lost power around 6:15 pm shortly after it started and the rain and wind stayed with us for many hours. We had been told this storm was going to be a great one so be prepared. Having never been through a storm like this we didn't really know what to expect, but we were prepared as best we knew. We went to bed then that night with the hopes it would all be over. This is what we saw when we woke on Sunday.

 The picture above is looking down our driveway. Our house sits on one of the highest lots in our neighborhood. The house below is across the street from us.

We live about 6 miles in the country from the City of Kinston. We have about 12 homes in our little community. This is the road leading to the some of the houses in our neighborhood. Once again, I was standing in our yard.

 This picture below is the street in front of our house, 
water as far as we could see.

The water receded enough that we could finally get out of our area on Monday afternoon. Since not having power this whole time,  we did not know really how the City of Kinston had fared. So we drove into town just so we could get out of the house and check it out. It didn't look too bad! Lol
So we went back home to no electricity still, but we had some cleaning up to do and I was trying to prepare to go teach a rug hooking workshop in Virginia, leaving on Wednesday. My husband was able to get to work on Tuesday so I was packing up wool, drawing patterns while I had some daylight and I get a knock on the door. It was a local volunteer fireman going door to door telling everyone in out neighborhood we had to evacuate! WHAT? The water has all receded! The Neuse River was rising fast and we lived in the flood plan, so they were evacuating everyone in it. So I called my husband, who then came home from work and we moved as much as we could to the second level our home. Packed up our cars with enough clothes for a few days and loaded our two dogs and went to our friend's the Wilson's, who graciously opened their doors to us and our great friends and neighbors, who also have two dogs. The Wilson's also have two dogs, so there were six people and six dogs, it was a house full, but we were thankful we didn't have to go to a shelter.
 So we were there waiting and watching all the news about Kinston and waiting for the Neuse River to reach it's crest and in hopes our houses would be spared. 
Flood stage for the Neuse River is 14 feet and they were expecting the river to crest at 29 feet, a historical record. Well, it finally crested Friday night at 28.3 feet.
We were finally able to return to our home yesterday, Saturday the 15th of October, a week after it all began to a spared home and electricity. We are truly blessed and devastated for our community of Kinston. It will be years before we recover from this as a city.
Below is a picture from the air that a guy my husband worked with took.

Here a a few links if you are interested in seeing a few pictures of our city. We are a city of around 20,000 or so. The first one is a link from our paper as shows some incredible pictures, sorry it also has some annoying ads.

This is a video from a local television station:

Now it is time for our community to rebuilds, so keep us in your prayers and thought.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Rug

Here is my latest rug to come off my frame.
It is my own design and I am calling it:

 Pennies Abound
26" X 35"
I am offering it as a pattern on linen in my ETSY shop!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Few Mats

 I have hooked a little since coming home from teaching in Cape May. I was going to share pictures of my great week there, but the pictures didn't turn out so great!! So maybe next time!!

 You can find these hooked mats for sale in my Etsy shop. 
I hope to get a few more hooked, 
along with a few new patterns and get them listed soon.
There is just not enough hours in a day, to get it all done.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rugs on Display

My friend Marion and I, have been asked to put our rugs on display at a local museum/art center called the Greene County Museum.  We are excited to share our love of rug hooking with the local community.  Since moving to North Carolina five years ago, we have not found anyone to get together with in our little corner of the state to hook with.  We hope that we will meet someone or find someone that is interested in learning.  We have 90 rugs in the display and  I bet you can tell which ones I hooked and which ones I did not!

These were taken the day we were setting up the display and a few of the pictures didn't turn out and the lighting was not the best that day. It is a little venue, but we are happy and honored to share our love of rug hooking!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Penny Rugs

 I have been making some penny rugs for a little change of pace. 
I have really been enjoying the creating and stitching part of them. 
The one below is made from an old wool blanket.

I love making penny rugs in Americana colors. The one below is a navy blue hand dyed background with primitive red and mustard pennies.

This penny rug has a touch of whimsy with the scallop edge and the striped cotton flannel on the back. The pennies are all colors, no two are alike. 
The colors on all the penny rugs are much more muted than what shows in the pictures. I was having a hard time getting the true colors.
They are all available to purchase in my Etsy shop.
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Saturday, July 30, 2016


I have been hooking a little, enough to finish this rug. Mostly I have been working on finishing some rugs. They were starting to pile up. Not that I don't like finishing, but I am excited to start the next rug!
 I am sure some of you can relate to that!
13.5" X 19"

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another Dog Rug

Here is my latest rug to come off my frame. 
I had not hooked a dog rug in awhile, so it was fun!!
"I Woof You"
Measures approx. 22" X 25"