Monday, March 22, 2010

What a fun weekend!!!

I had a great oppurtunity this weekend to take a mixed media class with Claudine Hellmuth, she has written several books, has her own line of products, and has been published many times. It was great fun!!!!!
This was my project from the beeswax day! We learned all things beeswax. This is a picture of my mom, I will give this to her for Mother's Day!

This is Stacey and I she was one of my table mates, we hit it off great. Our other table mates thought we had been friends forever! We will be now! Thanks for all your input Stacey!
This was from the first day, we learned all kinds of painting techniques and got to try some of Claudine's products. This collage is made from fabric, paper, paint and ink. I have a few touches to do with it yet, so it will make another apperance on here once it is finished.
This was another technique we learned in class, it is also a work in progress. These will also make another appearance on here once I decide what to do with them. I won't promise it will be soon though!!!

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  1. I love what you made in your class Cammie! It sounds like you had a great time; can't wait to hear more about it. Linda