Thursday, December 30, 2010

One More Rug

to share before the end of the year! I have been hooking a little over the Christmas holiday, but mostly just enjoying it with family!
This rug is called "Just a Little Sampler" it measures 13.75" X 24" and is available as a pattern. I really wanted the background to look like old linen and I think I accomplished that. The colors of the rug came from the paisley that I hooked in the tulips. Over all I am pleased with how it came out. If you noticed, there is no "o". Once I got all the alphabet hooked, I thought there was no "o", so I looked at the paper pattern and there is suppose to be an "O," somehow I didn't get it drawn on my pattern. I didn't want to go back and rip out my hooking so I just left it out!!! Oh well more primitive, right?

See you in the New Year!


  1. I love this - with our without the O! :)

  2. I've never hooked with paisley before, but I know that it really adds a lot of ZING to a rug - yours is awesome - I love the alphabet! And your background is perfect!

  3. I love this. The colors are great. A no o makes it yea again more primitive.

  4. Cammie ~ I just found your blog by way of Rhonda at My Glory Stars. I look forward to reading your past posts and looking at all the wonderful rugs.
    If you hadn't mentioned it, I never would have known that you need to buy a vowel!
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Missing the "O" makes it rather charming and gives it a story. Very nice!