Monday, January 24, 2011

I must be ready for Spring!

This is what I have been up to, hooking flowers!!
I drew up this rug and just started hooking! I love how it turned out! I was going to stop with the lambs tongues, but wasn't up to finishing another one just yet,
so I squared it off and kept hooking.

The rug below had an outline drawn around the flowers and then it went on out to the edge of the rug, so I wanted to hook them with different wool but wanted little contrast. I could not get a good picture, because the picture makes it look like there is a bigger difference in the two wools than there really is.
It is more muted than it looks also.

I need to improve my picture taking I guess.
Everything I tried didn't make a difference!

Any way I still need to finish this rug
and think I am going to do cording covered with wool!

What is your favorite way to finish a rug?
Does it matter what size it is on how you finish?



  1. Cammie ~
    LOVE your rugs. You've been busy!
    It is very hard to capture the true colors in a rug, no matter how hard one tries. I always fail miserably!
    The only way I finish a rug is with rug binding. I really need to try the covered cording one of these days.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Great rugs....wonderful colors. I love to hook rugs but dread the binding. I usually just whip mine.

  3. Both great rugs, Cammie! Love the 'halo' effect around the flower rug!

  4. Beautiful rugs! I have trouble getting my pictures to come out true to the rug also so I'm no help to you there! I use strips of wool to bind my rugs.