Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rugs & Molly

This big orange pumpkin rug is one that I just finished hooking. I have been seeing lots of pumpkins in magazines that have been painted with blacks spots, so I thought I would hook one.
This rug I finished hooking awhile ago, but just got it bound so thoguht I would share it with you. It is a design by Designs in Wool called Trio of Flowers.
This is Molly, what can I say. She is scared of everything! This is her new hiding spot in our apartment, she runs here and hides when I scold her for barking at everyone that walks by the window!!


  1. Oh I love your pumpkin!! I'm on a pumpkin rug hunt for ideas. I simply must have a Halloween rug this year. However, I'm currently reverse hooking large patches of my flowerpot rug because it was bunching up too much. Believe me, it's curing me of packing!
    Molly is too cute.

  2. Hi Cammie,
    I absolutely LOVE your spotted pumpkin rug! They both are wonderful! I am trying to think of a good Halloween one too and coming up blank!
    Poor Molly! She must be a really timid soul. Give her lots of love and treats! My two fur boys will do the same thing when they see people walk past...... it's very hard to break. Although I would want them to scare off any unwelcome intruders. So it's a merry go round I guess!
    Keep up the good hooking!
    Cathy G

  3. Cammie, I too love your Fall pumpkin rug, both rugs are just lovely. wonderful color choice. Poor Molly, she just needs to become familiar with her new surroundings. Maybe offering her a special treat, Winslow Homer highly recommends "dehydrated chicken." Hope things go well with the new house, sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  4. Love the different! Love the Trio of Flowers, too. Hope Molly gets use to the new place soon.

  5. Yeah! A post from Cammie---I too like the spotted pumpkin.

    Poor Molly!

  6. Thanks for the great comments on my pumpkin rug!
    Yea, when we were in our house it was great cause Molly would bark to let us know someone was there and then she would go and hide. But know that we are temporarily in an apartment, we don't want her to bark, poor thing is confused and this move has been hard on her!! She will be better when we find a permanent home, whenever that will be!

  7. Cammie ~
    So good to hear from you! Cute rugs. That spotted pumpkin is fun!
    I hope Molly (and you) gets a permanent home soon!
    Pug hugs ;)

  8. Cammie,
    Adore the spotted pumpkin rug! And love the flower rug too. The colors are so soft and old looking. Molly is precious peeking around the chair. Lori