Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrift Stores and Antiques

I know I don't need to be hitting the thrift stores looking for wool, but any primitive rug hooker has a hard time passing up some great textures. I could see these hooked in a great rug and couldn't pass them up. So I bought four blazers and two skirts and my friend Marion and I sat one (or two) days and tore them apart!!
I went to an antique show here in a town called New Bern and came away with the small galvanized milk cooler there in the picture on the left. I am working on getting a collection of galvanized containers to do this:
I found this on pinterst and thought it was really fun!! So I have a few more to collect and then decide what I am going to plant in them!!


  1. I saw that picture on Pinterest also. Love all your galvanized stuff and of course the wool!!!

  2. Great wool Cammie! LOVE the idea with the galvanized containers. You've got some great ones to plant. Lori