Monday, June 25, 2012

Road Trip

 I took a little road trip this last weekend to meet up with my good friend Anita. She was teaching at a rug hooking camp in Sophia, N. It ended on Friday, so we met in Asheboro and drove down to the pottery mecca of North Carolina, to a town called Seagrove!! We had so much fun shopping pottery. We were on a mission to find face jugs.

 Look at all these ugly face jugs. We had gone to an antique store and asked them if they had any more than what we saw. Well the gentleman made a phone call to ask another man if he could take us in the back to see his private collection and this is what we saw!!He had been collecting for 40 years We were like two kids in a candy store! We have never seen so many in one place!!!


 This is the ugly jug that Anita bought from this guys private collection. It is known as a buggy jug, because it was short and squatty. The jugs wouldn't tip over when the travelers would have to travel on buggies.


This is the one that I bought. 
Her name is "Thelma." 
Isn't she cute!!! She is a piece of King's Pottery,  Anna had another girl jug in the works, but she wasn't finished yet, but I bought her anyway. I will post a picture of Thelma's sister when I get her.

If you ever get to North Carolina, Seagrove is a fun place to go and shop pottery, even if you are not looking for face jugs, they have lots of functional pottery also!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wedding Rug

This is the rug I hooked for my husbands niece,
 she is getting married today. 
I hope Jamie and Drew like it!