Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Please Help

This is our friends daughter, her name is Emilee Irsik who is missing! 
They have created a facebook page for her, called
 EmileeIrsik-Missing Person
Please go to her page and like it and then re-post it to your page. The more it gets shared, the more people will see it and we can her home to her family!!

If you don't have Facebook here is her story, you can share it with anyone you think might be able to help!

 On October 19, Emilee flew on American Airlines from Wichita, KS to Dallas, TX and then to London Heathrow Airport. She then flew on British Airways to Hamburg, Germany arriving on October 20. She was to return to Wichita on October 26. Unfortunately, Emilee did not board her scheduled return flight and she has not rebooked on a later flight.
 Her cell phone has been off since
she departed Dallas, TX on the 19th, and all attempts to contact her via email, Facebook, etc. have failed. It is possible that she visited Trier University, University of Hanover, or Bielefeld University in Germany. She has been listed as a Missing Person with the NCIC registry. The American Citizen’s Service Unit of the US Embassy in Berlin has notified the police in Hamburg that she is missing and her family is concerned about her welfare. The police in Hamburg have in-turn notified other police departments across Germany. There is also information regarding Emilee on German radio. If Emilee spoke to you regarding this trip, has made contact with you, or you have any information that may prove beneficial, please contact local law enforcement or the US Department of State at (202) 647-4000 and ask to be transferred to the Duty Officer in Berlin. If you are overseas, please contact the German police or contact the local US Embassy. Please “share” this group with your friends, and anyone you know in Germany or may have contacts in Germany. As her family, we are extremely concerned about her welfare and just want to bring her home.

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