Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rugs By The Sea

 I thought I would share with you the pictures from the workshop I just taught at. It was called "Rugs By The Sea" and held in Cape May, NJ at the Chalfonte Hotel. The workshop is held for two weeks, with different teachers teaching each week. I was teaching the second week. A great place to be!!
 This was a group photo of myself and students, 
a very talented group of hookers!
 This was our work room, my class had the left side of the room. We shared the room with Jen Lavoie and her students!  Below are the rugs the students in my class worked on for the week. The pictures did not turn out all that great, as they were taken outside in the sun on my ipad, but it shows you how hard they worked.  Hopefully as they get the rugs done they will send me pictures and I can post them completed!

I have a few pictures from the rug show,  I was not able to get pictures of them all, my ipad battery was dying. I was electronically challenged this trip, I took my camera, but after a few pictures, it said my disc was full, so then I went and got my ipad and it was not fully charged! I will share what  photos I did get in the next couple of days!

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  1. Beginnings of beautiful rugs.Looks like a fun time with a little inspiration and learning thrown in...