Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Still Hooking!

 My friend Karen was here visiting last week and we hooked the time away! 
 It is always fun when you can hook with a friend!!
Karen brought the cute pattern above called:
Patty's Prim Saltbox
Designed by Judy Cripps
Measures approx. 18" X 19"
She almost got it finished!!


This is the rug that I hooked while she was here.
It is a pattern that I drew up and started hooking a few years ago and then we moved so it got put in a box, I am still on a mission to finish some old projects, so I decided to finish this one. I had the eagle hooked and the big star. It is kind of a wonky pattern with the backwards flag in the upper right corner, but that is what makes it different, I guess. I used the eagle from an antique rug and combined it with the other motifs.
Measures approx. 21.5" X 42"
What should I call this rug? Leave me a comment with what you think I should call it and if I choose your pattern name I will send you a little gift!!



  1. Oh what fun to hook with a friend, sweet Saltbox rug she is working on.. Love yours to, you really are great at the hooking craft. Stars and Eagle Americana might work for a name. Blessings Francine.

  2. I LOVE the background on your rug - how 'bout naming it American Flight. Or maybe Eagle Over America - something like that?

  3. Love them both.....Hope you guys had a great time! Linda

  4. How about "When eagles soar". Love the wool colors.

  5. Love both rugs. How about " Soaring between the Stars"

  6. I'm jealous of you two getting to hook together! Love Karen's rug. And your eagle rug is stunning. How about calling it "American Pride"...?