Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

I just wanted to give you a little insight into what I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks.
Hurricane Matthew decided to hit our area and leave its mark.

It all started last Saturday October 8th. It started raining and just never let up. Then at around 6:00 pm Hurricane Matthew made it to Kinston, NC, I shot his video when it hit. We lost power around 6:15 pm shortly after it started and the rain and wind stayed with us for many hours. We had been told this storm was going to be a great one so be prepared. Having never been through a storm like this we didn't really know what to expect, but we were prepared as best we knew. We went to bed then that night with the hopes it would all be over. This is what we saw when we woke on Sunday.

 The picture above is looking down our driveway. Our house sits on one of the highest lots in our neighborhood. The house below is across the street from us.

We live about 6 miles in the country from the City of Kinston. We have about 12 homes in our little community. This is the road leading to the some of the houses in our neighborhood. Once again, I was standing in our yard.

 This picture below is the street in front of our house, 
water as far as we could see.

The water receded enough that we could finally get out of our area on Monday afternoon. Since not having power this whole time,  we did not know really how the City of Kinston had fared. So we drove into town just so we could get out of the house and check it out. It didn't look too bad! Lol
So we went back home to no electricity still, but we had some cleaning up to do and I was trying to prepare to go teach a rug hooking workshop in Virginia, leaving on Wednesday. My husband was able to get to work on Tuesday so I was packing up wool, drawing patterns while I had some daylight and I get a knock on the door. It was a local volunteer fireman going door to door telling everyone in out neighborhood we had to evacuate! WHAT? The water has all receded! The Neuse River was rising fast and we lived in the flood plan, so they were evacuating everyone in it. So I called my husband, who then came home from work and we moved as much as we could to the second level our home. Packed up our cars with enough clothes for a few days and loaded our two dogs and went to our friend's the Wilson's, who graciously opened their doors to us and our great friends and neighbors, who also have two dogs. The Wilson's also have two dogs, so there were six people and six dogs, it was a house full, but we were thankful we didn't have to go to a shelter.
 So we were there waiting and watching all the news about Kinston and waiting for the Neuse River to reach it's crest and in hopes our houses would be spared. 
Flood stage for the Neuse River is 14 feet and they were expecting the river to crest at 29 feet, a historical record. Well, it finally crested Friday night at 28.3 feet.
We were finally able to return to our home yesterday, Saturday the 15th of October, a week after it all began to a spared home and electricity. We are truly blessed and devastated for our community of Kinston. It will be years before we recover from this as a city.
Below is a picture from the air that a guy my husband worked with took.

Here a a few links if you are interested in seeing a few pictures of our city. We are a city of around 20,000 or so. The first one is a link from our paper as shows some incredible pictures, sorry it also has some annoying ads.

This is a video from a local television station:

Now it is time for our community to rebuilds, so keep us in your prayers and thought.


  1. Living in Fl for many, many years we lived through lots of hurricane, but never any flooding. Being without power for 1-2 weeks is not fun in the heat and humidity. A generator for the well and a small a/c for sleep was a blessing. The flood is terrible as there is no way to stop it. Hope your city rebounds quickly. Prayers for a swift and safe recover for all.

  2. So sorry you were affected my this storm , hope you & your town will be well soon .

  3. So sorry for the turmoil and devastation which has hit you personally and your city. I've complained of floodin here but that God have not had to endure what you did.

    My son is a lineman and just came home after several days of working 16 - 18 hours per day thru 5 states getting power back to homes.

    Hope life gets back to normal for you soon Cammie.

  4. I am so sorry. I hope they can get everything back to normal soon.
    Thank you so much for sharing, I didn't know about N.C.

  5. Oh Cammie, how scary, sorry to hear about the storm hitting you and your town. Prayers for you all, Hugs Francine.

  6. So happy it ended well for you. So scary.
    Hugs :)

  7. I live in New Bern but have friends in Goldsboro. We were so very lucky here. Even though the rivers are close, they're very wide here so we were able to escape some of the worst flooding. I'm so sorry for all of the people affected by the storm. I hope you didn't lose much and that your house made it through without much damage. Sending prayers for everyone who has suffered so much.

  8. WoW Cammie....I am so very sorry to read of this, how scary - nothing worse than something like this happening to you & nothing you can do about Mother Nature...hugs to you & your family!!
    And, Thanks for sharing~

  9. Oh Cammie! I just saw this! I'm so glad your home was spared but so sorry for your neighbors and community. Our prayers go up for those affected. Take care, Lori

  10. Cammie, so glad to hear you missed the worst of Matthew. Rebuilding will take awhile, but when things like this happen communities seem to come together and get things done. Thinking of you and your family.!!

  11. Cammie - this is so sad and so debilitating for your community. I'm sorry doesn't seem like enough to say. My prayers are with you and all those who lost so much in this dreadful storm. We were blessed with only a tree down that missed our house by just a few feet. Mel

  12. How awful to have to go through something like that. It was a dreadful storm and it has done so much damage. Things will get back to normal soon and your community will survive. Nice to know you and your family are safe.
    Marcia @ higglersnotch

  13. Wow Cammie...that looks horrible. How scary. Glad you guys are safe. Linda

  14. Hey Cammie,
    I am so behind in blogs. I just read this and OMG thank God you have the highest lot in your little community. But oh my gosh what a lot of damage. I am happy that everyone is safe, all 6 people and 6 dogs. I had to laugh about the dogs!! Yes they are "people" too. I have only ever experienced flood in our area once, it was called Hurricane Agnes and it filled our city also, but I was not even here. I was spending the week in Lititz, PA with my god parents so never saw anything except the newspaper pictures. It also did a lot of damage. Scary weather we have. Glad you are safe.